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WillowWood One® TF System

WillowWood Company

The WillowWood One® System provides transfemoral amputees with advanced socket technology that controls pistoning, reduces sweating, and allows for a broad range of motion while maintaining an airtight seal for secure vacuum suspension. Elements of the system, including a fabric less Alpha SmartTemp® Liner or Alpha Duo™ Liner and new LimbLogic® side mount option, work together as one to deliver reliable and secure elevated vacuum suspension without the need for hoses or bulky sleeves.

  • Developed and designed for transfemoral amputees who comment about a lack of suspension or insecurity with their current prostheses and/or excessive sweating of the residual limb.
  • Ideal candidates for this system have a residual limb that is 7 inches (178 mm) or longer or a femoral length of 6 inches (155 mm) or longer.
  • Components include: Alpha SmartTemp® Liner or Alpha Duo™ Liner, One Gel Sock, One Seal, LimbLogic, Removable brim, alignment buttons, expulsion valve, and socket.
  • WillowWood One® system may also be used as a suction system
  • LimbLogic® is available as distal mount or side mount
  • Control the LimbLogic® from a mobile device with the LimbLogic® app

Warranty Information:
  • LimbLogic® Pump: 24 months from date of invoice
  • Liner, Gel Sock, & Seal: 12 months from date of invoice
  • Definitive Socket: 2 months from date of invoice

Trial Period/Return Policy:
If a definitive socket has NOT been fabricated, the trial period is 30 days from invoice date and you are eligible for a full credit. If a definitive socket for the system HAS BEEN fabricated, the trial period is 30 days from the socket ship date from WillowWood®. A credit will be issued for the WW One® System components, less a non-refundable fabrication service fee.

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For a complete suction system, OFAB-ONE-TFP must be ordered from WillowWood for socket fabrication.

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Manufacturer Recommended HCPCS: L5781 (Vacuum), L5652 (Suction)
Sold each.