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WillowWood® DuraWalk Foot Kit


The WillowWood DuraWalk Foot Kit incorporates the DuraWalk low-activity foot along with a foot shell and components. The DuraWalk's integrated design of the toe pad, urethane heel, and foot shell provides multiaxial function for the user. The flexible toe spring allows for a smooth gait cycle while the foot’s multiaxial function provides stability on uneven terrain. Clinicians may change the heel density of the foot in order to maximize function.

  • Highly flexible toe spring
  • Multi-axial function
  • Modular, replaceable foot shell allows easy access for clinical adjustments
  • Three urethane heel density options
  • Kit Options: Standard & Heavy Duty - Both include a foot and foot shell
    • Standard Kit: 30 mm Alum fixed adapter w/ Alum tube. (250lbs weight limit)
    • Heavy Duty Kit: 30 mm Ti adapter w/ Carbon tube. (350bs weight limit)
  • Manufacturer Warranty Information:
    • Foot: 12 months from invoice date
    • Foot Shell: 12 months from invoice date

Sold each.
Manufacturer Recommended HCPCS: L5972, L5986

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