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WillowWood® TT K2 Kit

WillowWood Company

Kit Includes:

DuraWalk Foot
  • Highly flexible toe spring
  • Weight Limit: 350lbs
  • Multi-axial function
  • Three urethane heel density options

Foot Shell
  • Available Colors: Buff, Medium Brown, and Tan

Two Alpha Classic Liners
  • Styles: Locking or Cushion
  • Thickness: 6mm
  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Medium Plus, Large, Large Plus, Extra Large

Manufacturer Warranty: 12 months from the invoice date
Returns: No partial kit returns will be accepted

For OPIE users, please specify the part numbers for each kit component or complete the pdf order form. Please also include a “Need By” date for the items to ensure timely delivery of kit.

Manufacturer recommended HCPCS: L5972, L5986, L5679, L5673
Sold kit.

Select Foot

Toe Stiffness

Select Foot Shell


Select Liner


Toe Resistance Chart

To select proper toe resistance:

1. Calculate adjusted body weight. (Adjusted body weight = patient body weight + loads normally or routinely carried.)

2. Using adjusted body weight, select toe resistance from the chart below.

< 150 lbs (< 68 kg) Very Low (1)
151-200 (69-90 kg) Low (2)
201-250 lbs (91-113 kg) Regular (3)
251-300 lbs (114-136 kg) High (4)
301-350 lbs (137-160 kg) Very High (5)

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