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WillowWood® Alpha DESIGN® BK Liners

WillowWood Company

WillowWood® Alpha DESIGN® BK Liners are created to provide amputees maximum comfort.

  • Provides maximum comfort to amputees with unique limb shapes
  • Made of thermoplastic elastomer gel
  • Gel thicknesses available from 3mm to 25mm
  • Gel pads up to 12 mm thickness can be applied where needed
  • Alpha DESIGN Liners may be created using OMEGA® Tracer® or by submitting a cast of the limb with a completed order form
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 12 months

  • Available in cushion or locking
  • Interface: Classic Gel, Hybrid Gel or Duo (Cushion Only)
  • Fabric Styles: Original, Spirit, MAX and Select
  • Colors: Buff (Original, Spirit & MAX), Gray (Select fabric), Green/Gray(Original & Spirit), Brown (Original & Spirit), Taupe (Select fabric)
  • Lead times: Classic Gel & Duo (5 days), Hybrid Gel (10 days)

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This is a Non-Discount Item.

Manufacturer recommended HCPCS: L5681 or L5683 (Initial liner, bill once per liner), L5679 (Duplicate cushion liner), L5673 (Duplicate locking liner)
Sold each.


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