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Unloader One® X


The Ossur Unloader One X improves mobility by providing pain relief from knee osteoarthritis and degenerative meniscal tears. The brace features Össur's unique patented and clinically proven 3-point Leverage System that generates unicompartimental unloading of the knee joint. A point leverage system consisting of two Dynamic Force System (DFS) straps, rigid shells and a single upright hinge contribute to unloading of the knee joint.

  • Unloading is effective only when needed, no condyle pressure during sitting or swing phase
  • The gastroc strap prevents migration
  • Tool-free SmartDosing® dials
  • Color coded touchpoints and Quick-Fit buckles increase user-friendliness
  • Alignment guide on hinge facilitates correct positioning on the leg
  • Entire brace is machine washable (washbag included with product)
  • Easily adaptable to individual needs and anatomical shapes
  • Field serviceable

Manufacturer Recommended HCPCS: L1843, L1851
Sold each.

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