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ThermoLyn Supra Flexible


Areas of Application:

For fabricating of shoe-insoles
For fabricating of flexible diagnostic/definitive sockets for foot prostheses
For fabricating of flexible diagnostic sockets for lower and upper limb prostheses
For fabricating of water-resistant splints and supports
For fabricating of flaps and closures for orthoses
For flexible brim designs for orthoses


Permanently elastic, dimensionally stable, high friction, more comfortable socket brim design,comfortable to wear, and washable. Subsequent welding possible. Can be bonded to itself when heated. Available in: transparent, black, skin colored, white, blue, light blue, dark blue translucent, red, light red translucent, bordeaux, green, neon pink, neon yellow, neon green, gold, and silver.

Temperature recommendation:

100-130 °C / 212-266 °F (heating plate)
80-100 °C / 175-212 °F (infrared oven)
100-120 °C/ 212-248 °F (convection oven)

Products are subject to an extended delivery time depending on size, style and color.

Sold each.
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