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Streifeneder Carbon Fiber Pre-Preg


Pre-preg is composed of the base material that has been impregnated with a predetermined amount of resin.

Recommended curing time: at 100° C (depending on model 5-8 hours)
Storable at 20° C: 21 days
Storable at -18° C: 360 days
Available in Uni-directional and Bi-directional Carbon Fiber

Uni-directional specs:

Fibers arranged in a parallel formation are held by glass fiber to enable easier draping
Pre-preg mass per unit (DIN 53854): 410 g/sqm

Bi-directional specs:
Twill weave: 4:4
Bi-directionally woven, suitable for reinforcement layers or to minimize torsion forces, for thin walled as well as light and filigree workpieces
Pre-preg mass per unit (DIN 53854): 280 g/sqm

This product is available via Drop Ship only.

Sold each.

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