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Smooth-On URE-BOND® II


URE-BOND® II is a premium performance urethane adhesive compound that offers a strong flexible bond between many different surfaces. URE-BOND® is ideal for adhering polyurethane rubber and other polymer products to many types of substrates (such as plaster, wood, cement, stone) and non-porous materials (such as glass, hard plastics and a variety of metals).

  • URE-BOND® II has also been used to repair torn polyurethane molds on a limited basis (with proper surface preparation)
  • Used to protect healing wounds, delicate granulation tissue, and treating chronic venous insufficiency or mild/moderate lymphedema
  • Working time is 5 minutes at room temperature (73° F / 23° C)
  • Once mixed and applied, URE-BOND® takes about 60 minutes to cure and yields a strong, flexible bond

Sold pint.