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Smooth-On Clear Flex™ 30


Clear Flex™ 30 is a mercury-free and phthalate-free water white clear urethane liquid rubber compound designed for applications that require absolute clarity and resistance to sunlight.

  • Low viscosity ensures easy mixing and pouring
  • Clear Flex™ 30 cures at room temperature with negligible shrinkage
  • Cured castings are: clear, flexible, UV resistant

CAUTION: NOT FOR HOME USE. THIS PRODUCT IS FOR INDUSTRIAL USE ONLY. Wear safety glasses. Proper ventilation, A NIOSH Approved Respirator and Protective Clothing (gloves and long sleeves) are required to minimize the risk of inhalation and dermal sensitization. If breathing is affected or a dermal rash develops, immediately cease using this product and seek medical attention. Read SDS before using.

Sold kit.