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Smart Seal Liner


The Smart Seal Liner features raised bands that grip the socket wall forming a secure interface. The low modulus bands stretch against the socket wall and the smooth inner wall conforms, to the residual limb. The locking version features a new distal construction to control distal distraction. The transfemoral rings begin 4.95 inches from the center of the distal end while the transtibial rings begin 2.9 inches from the center of the distal end.

  • New seamless knitted construction
  • Only available in HD gel

  • Amputation Level: Transtibial, Transfemoral
  • Impact Level: K1, K2
  • Type: Locking, Cushion
  • Material: Gel
  • Cover: Fabric Cover
  • Profile: Uniform
  • Style: Standard
  • Color: Brown and Grey
  • Thickness (mm): 3,6
  • Sizes (cm): 20-43
  • Trial Period: 30-day satisfaction guaranteed
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty: 12 months (Single), 24 months (Pair)

Sold each.

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