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Sidekicks Bumper Kit

by College Park

Kit contains the full array of bumpers and bushings for Sidekicks feet. Available as a single set (BK1) or pair (BK2). All parts contained in the kit are also available separately.

Kit Contains:

  • V FBS A - Venture Front Bumper, Soft, Pocket Size A
  • V FBM A - Venture Front Bumper, Medium, Pocket Size A
  • V FBF A - Venture Front Bumper, Firm, Pocket Size A

  • V RBS B - Venture Rear Bumper, Soft, Pocket Size B
  • V RBM B - Venture Rear Bumper, Medium, Pocket Size B
  • V RBF B - Venture Rear Bumper, Firm, Pocket Size B
  • V RBX B - Venture Rear Bumper, Extra Firm, Pocket Size B

  • V ABS 2530 - Venture Ankle Bushing, Soft, 25-30cm
  • V ABM 2530 - Venture Ankle Bushing, Medium, 25-30cm
  • V ABF 2530 - Venture Ankle Bushing, Firm, 25-30cm

  • TL LUB - TruLube Lubricant, 0.25 oz.
  • TGP 525 - Pin Guide
Sold each.