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RTC EndoFoam™ A and B Finishing System

RTC Corporation

EndoFoam™ Ultra is the first pourable, two part mixture which provides uniform cell structure with a density matching human tissue.

EndoFoam™ Ultra is available in gallon kits which can finish approximately 35 prostheses. Compare the cost of EndoFoam™ to any pre-shaped foam block - plus the time to shape it!

EndoFoam™Ultra comes in a Caucasian color tone which specifically matches that of today's standard foot color.

It can be darkened using 3% standard pigment.

EndoFoam™ Ultra Finishing Molds are the first accurate molds. They are available in seven sizes (left and right) and can be purchased separately or as a set of 14. The molds are sized by ankle circumference, from 7 1/2" - 10", covering 95% of all BK amputees.

Leftslefts and rights are identical great for be laterals.

38 Minute instructional video included with your order for first time purchasers.

Sold half gallon.