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Proteor Hydracadence Knee II


The Hydracadence knee is a single axis hydraulic knee whose specific feature is a unique functional coupling between the knee and the ankle joint during flexion and extension movements. At heel strike, the knee is in extension and simultaneously brings the ankle and therefore the foot into plantiflexion. Then flat foot is rapidly achieved, providing a high level of safety in slopes and uneven grounds.

  • Knee-foot synergy
  • Easy adjustment of heel height
  • Simple and efficient hydraulic unit
  • Carbon fiber frame

  • TH: 517mm
  • BH: 383mm to 510mm
  • H: 15mm
  • Flexion: 140°
  • Proximal connection: 1K160/1K163 / 1K30/1K03 / 1K20/1K40
  • Distal connection: M10 Screw
  • Activity: 2 - 3
  • Maximum weight of the patient: 100Kg
  • Weight: 1850g before cutting to fit
  • Material: Aluminium + Carbon fiber

Sold each.
Manufacturer Recommended HCPCS: L5999

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