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ProAdvantage® Attachment Kits 200 AK


Shuttle lock with click lock and Delrin® Body. For use in lamination, thermoplastic or exoskeletal applications.

  • Includes: Body, tooling, 10mm pin, T-wrench, Delrin® laminating sleeve, and hex wrench

  • Lock Type: Shuttle
  • Socket Type: Laminated, Thermoplastic, Exoskeletal
  • Housing Material: Delrin®
  • Amputation Level: Transtibial, Transfemoral
  • Activity Level: K1-K4
  • Weight Limit: 275lbs (125kg)
  • Product Weight (g): 91
  • Build Height (mm): 41.3
  • Distal Attachment: 6-Hole
  • Warranty: 12 months from invoice date

Manufacturer Recommended HCPCS: L5671
Sold kit.
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