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Ottobock Hip Abduction Orthosis


The hip abduction orthosis offers the best possible treatment for hip dysplasia in infants up to 18 months of age. It works according to the Hoffmann-Daimler principle and has already been proven for decades. The splint places the child's legs in a slight abduction position without limiting the child's level of activity more than necessary. The position of the femoral head attained in this manner improves development of the acetabular roof and supports hip development.
  • Designed according to the Hoffmann-Daimler principle
  • Limits freedom of movement as little as possible
  • Width-adjustable, anatomically shaped thigh supports
  • Abduction unit allows for precise adjustment of the abduction
  • Thigh supports are connected by robust ball and socket joints
  • Universal size
  • Easy to apply and remove

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