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ottobock Genu Immobil Adjuster


Postoperative and posttraumatic immobilisation of the knee joint, with the option of limiting the range of motion.

  • Length adjustment from 51 to 64.5 cm possible using telescoping splints on the thigh and lower leg • Individually adaptable to leg length
  • Locking of the ROM joint in three degrees (0°/15°/30°) • Immobilises the knee joint at the relevant flexion angle
  • Aluminium splints and ROM joints • Stabilises the knee and limits the movement in extension and flexion
  • Hook-and-loop functional elements • Adaptable without the use of tools

  • Immobilises the knee joint in adjustable positions (ROM)
  • Flexion: 0° to 120°
  • Extension: 0° to 90°
  • Allows early mobilisation of the patient through gradual increases in range of motion in 10°–15° increments
  • Stabilises the capsular ligaments in the knee joint

Sold each.

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