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ottobock DeltaTwist


With the loss of the foot and part of the leg, the amputee has lost important proprioceptors and muscle groups which, through their interplay, ensure a harmonious gait pattern under physiological conditions. The DeltaTwist® shock absorber, which also features a torsion function, is able to compensate for this loss to a certain degree.

  • Its shock absorbing function and torsion function provide more safety, mobility and comfort
  • With its integration into the prosthesis, a more symmetrical gait pattern can be achieved
  • Instabilities can be eliminated and compensating movements are reduced
  • It relieves the locomotor system and residual limb
  • Both shock absorption and the torsion function can be adjusted individually and independently by means of various elastomer components of different durometers
  • This allows the specific movement pattern of every amputee as well as biomechanical insights to be taken into account
  • When needed, interior or exterior torsion can also be suppressed using the rotation locking segment (see accessories)
  • The DeltaTwist® can be used for transfemoral as well as transtibial prostheses

Sold each.
Manufacturer Recommended HCPCS: L5988, L5984

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