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RCAI Hip Abduction Orthosis - 76HAO


The RCAI Hip Abduction Orthosis provides stabilization for patients prone to chronic dislocation due to involved post-op hip revision and patients at risk for anterior or posterior hip dislocation As a prophylaxis to reinforce hip precautions. Congenital hip dysplasia. To stabilize spastic, tight adductors secondary to hemiplegia or cerebral palsy.

  • Unilateral, bilateral or universal design fits right or left – reduces inventory
  • Flexion/extension ROM control from 0° to 120° in 10° stop settings
  • Abduction-adduction adjustments from 0° to 45° in 5° increments
  • Unisex male or female pelvic component
  • Vertical adjustability at hip and thigh
  • Circumferential hip adjustment with padded pivotal back tilt
  • Full hip to straight body types
  • Medial condylar containment right or left
  • Removable, replaceable washable liners

Manufacturer Recommended HCPCS: Hip Abduction Orthosis L1686 (Add L2622 if Bilateral): Hinge Assembly Kit 1686 add L2624 if Bilateral
Sold each.

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