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Optec Edge SL LSO & TLSO


OPTEC USA's Edge SL is a rigid spinal system designed to provide your patients with maximum stability and support. Edge restricts and controls unwanted motion while providing intracavitary pressure to unload the intervertebral discs.

  • Edge combines rigid anterior and posterior polymer shells with removable soft padding
  • The back panel has built-in reinforcement and a spinal relief opening
  • The soft padding keeps your patients dry and comfortable by wicking away moisture
  • OPTEC's Edge SL is ideal for geriatric and other patients who tend to suffer from skin breakdown or sores, yet require maximum support
  • The Edge spinal system provides superior stabilization and support that your patients need with the ultimate comfort they deserve

Manufacturer Recommended HCPCS: LSO L0639 or L0651, LSO LP L0637 or L0650, TLSO L0460 or L0458, TLSO & TLSO LP 3 PANEL L0462, TLSO & TLSO LP 4 PANEL L0464, TLSO & TLSO LP FB L0462
Sold each.