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Nabtesco Hybrid Knee


A highly accurate yielding function is embodied in our new Intelligent Knee. To the controlled power of the hydraulic system we have added soft pneumatic control. This fusion of microprocessor controlled technologies gives you a hybrid system that prevents unnerving buckling at the knee, and enables easier walking in greater comfort.

  • The hydraulic damper and MRS system provide a highly precise yielding function
  • The pneumatic cylinder, coupled with microprocessor control of the swing, makes it possible to easily walk at various walking speeds
  • Microprocessor control works by monitoring walking speed and automatically adjusting the swing speed of the knee joint
  • The benefit of pneumatic control is a soft and light motion from the time when the knee initiates the swing
  • Weight Limit: 125kg

Manufacturer Recommended HCPCS: L5828, L5840, L5857
Sold each.

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