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Becker Model 332 Monodos® KAFO

Becker Orthopedic

Model 332 is a knee-ankle-foot-orthosis designed for the management of spasticity and joint contracture, often associated with cerebral palsy, stroke and spinal cord injury. The design utilizes our model 1900-A Monodos® Joint which features a one-way clutch and allows rotation in one direction, but blocks all rotation in the opposite direction until released. The Monodos® is a cost-effective alternative to serial casting.

Pick from the following options:
  • Monodos® Knee Joint Upright Material (Aluminum or Stainless Steel)
  • Plastic Type, Color (Natural or Black only) and Thickness
  • Thermo-Clad™, High Buff, or Sand Blasted Finish of Uprights

Sold each or pair.

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