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Mauch® Gaitmaster™ LP Knee Cap


Single axis hydraulic knee system with swingcontrol (S) or swing and stance control (SNS). Designed for multi-speed ambulation.

  • All aluminum frame with a net weight of 1kg (2.25lbs).
  • Weight limit of 147kg (325lbs).
  • Available with Low Resistance cylinders as special order.
  • Available with swing control (S) only as special order.
  • Universal 4-hole mounting patterns for versatile adapter options.
  • Roller bearings at knee axis and cylinder attachment points for smooth action.
  • 135° of knee flexion available.
  • Yielding stance control.
  • Mode selector switch allows for manual locking and free swing functions.
  • Warranty on cylinder 30 months.
  • Warranty on frame 12 months.

Sold each.
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