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Lenjoy Comfyprene™ Goniometer Knee

Lenjoy Medical Engineering, Inc.

  • The Lenjoy Comfyprene™ Goniometer Knee Orthosis is geared to increasing knee extension. It works like serial casting allowing progressive extension in 10°-increments.
  • Excellent for patients with strong flexion tone.
  • What makes a Comfyprene™ different from the Traditional Comfy™ Splints? Instead of removable terrycloth covers, the Comfyprene™ splint inserts are covered with soft neoprene and headliner material, which creates a slim profile for everyday comfort.
  • Splints are adjustable and re-adjustable using the Comfy™ patented reinforced spine.
  • Straps may be positioned anywhere on the splint for optimal fit.
  • Excellent for use after sports injuries, removal of casts, sports medicine or for arthritic patient's support of the weakened extremity.
  • All Comfyprene™ Splints come standard with five attachable and removable hygiene liners.
  • Unlike the traditional Comfy Splint, there are no removable covers on Comfyprene™ Splints.
  • Available in four color options: Light Blue, Dark Blue, Purple or Camouflage.

Sold each.
Manufacturer Recommended HCPCS: L1832