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Knit-Rite® BK Shrinker

Knit-Rite, Inc

Made from rayon/Lycra® core-spun yarn. Softer, more comfortable and easy to don. The full fashion, taper knit construction ensures proportional fit and compression, with greater pressure distally. Core-spun yarn results in a softer fabric, better fit and permits stretch over the circumference range. The Knit-Rite Shrinker better accommodates irregularities. Two tapers: regular and double.

  • The length of the upper portion of all Double Taper socks is 7"
  • The length of the lower portion is 3", 5" or 7" on the 10", 12" and 14" length socks (respectively)
  • Heavy Compression (green top) exerts 55–60mmHg pressure at 50% stretch for reduction of edema and shaping of limb
  • Medium Compression (gray top) exerts 25–30mmHg pressure at 50% stretch for tender stumps, nighttime wear and limb size maintenance

Manufacturer Recommended HCPCS: L8440
Sold each.