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JMS TL-2100

JMS Plastics Supply

The TL-2100 is Graphite Thermoplastic Composite Material, which is considered to be a premium Acrylic Thermoplastic Composite Material for its comfort and functional control. NOW with rounded heel.

Processing Information:

The TL-2100 must be carefully protected from the effects of moisture accumulation due to humidity over time. Prior to shipment from the manufacturing plant, the material is thoroughly dried, inspected, and sealed in a protective plastic bag. There are a few guidelines that must be followed upon receipt of the material:

  • Keep all material in a sealed plastic bag
  • Do not expose the material to environment conditions above 20% relative humidity for more than eight hours
  • Store all loose material in a re-sealed bag or desiccator cabinet with sufficient active desiccant
  • Recommended heating conditions for all TL-2100 formulations are 4 - 6 minutes in a convection oven pre-heated to 380-400 deg. F

Please see the TL-2100 bulletins for product grades, sizes, application guidelines and complete technical information.

Sold 10/pkg.
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