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Techno®Spine TLSO-Scoliosis Brace


The TechnoSpine is a dynamic spinal off-loading brace designed specifically to reduce postural imbalance and pain in Adult Scoliosis patients. The brace features a unique tension band system that maintains optimal pad position and pressure without unnecessary restriction of movement. As a postural based device, the TechnoSpine aims at improving posture during use, while reducing pain and increasing mobility.

  • Superstructure allows virtually unrestricted forward flexion
  • Inflatable Lumbar Pad improves Lumbar Lordosis
  • Large Lateral Pad improves spinal realignment without discomfort
  • BOA® Patented Technology allows precise adjustment by the user
  • FidLock® Patented Technology allows for ease of fastening and unfastening
  • Posterior Draw-String adjustment with bilateral ergonomic pull loops for Lumbar Sacral Belt tensioning allows for:
  • Effortless tensioning by the patient
  • Optimal compression/support
  • Maximum stability
  • Optimal pain relief
  • Bilateral Trochanter Pads for optimal pelvic stability and even force distribution
  • Sizes: SM-LG

Manufacturer Recommended HCPCS: L1005
Sold each.

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