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Haberman Alignment Device - HAD JR130 System Kit #2

ESP - Engineered Silicone Products

The Haberman Alignment System (HAD JR130) is a prosthetic alignment system engineered by ESP to support patient loads up to 130lbs. The HAD JR130 is a highly adaptable unit that facilitates quick alignment and component changes in transtibial and transfemoral prosthesis without additional fabrication. Angular, rotational and 2-way slide adjustments are easily achieved with this durable, modular alignment system. The result is optimal alignment for a stable, smooth and comfortable gait.

  • 130lbs weight limit
  • ISO tested for strength and durability
  • Adjustable in all directions: 7/8-1in of slide movement (A-P & M-L)
  • High grade titanium construction
  • Designed for permanent installation
  • Interchangeable modular parts
  • Fully configurable by installing top and bottom connectors to central core unit
  • Components sold separately or in kit configurations

  • (2) HAD-CC-P Central Core
  • (4) HAD-W-P Locking Bar Wedge
  • (1) HAD-SP-P Sliding Pyramid
  • (1) HAD-SPR-P Sliding Pyramid Receiver
  • (1) HAD-4HPT-P Sliding 4-Hole Plate (Threaded)
  • (1) HAD-4HPU-P Sliding 4-Hole Plate (Unthreaded)
  • (1) HAD-RHP-P Rotating Housing Plate
  • (1) HAD-RSA-P Rotating Slide Adapter
  • (1) HAD-SRTA-P Sliding Rotating Threaded Adapter
  • (1) HAD-TP-P Threaded Pyramid
  • (1) HAD-TPR-P Threaded Pyramid Receiver
  • (1) HAD-TFD-P Threaded Female Dovetail
  • (1) HAD-STCA-P Sliding Tube Clamp Adapter

Sold each.
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