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Fabtech Restech™ Advanced Epoxy Resin

Fabtech Systems

Fabtech Systems Restech+ Advanced Epoxy Resin is formulated with Advanced Polymers, designed to take repetitive abuse demanded from laminated composite orthotics and prosthetics. Restech+ is a two-part low viscosity epoxy-amine resin designed for wet laminated of carbon, glass, aramids and other polymer fiber reinforcements.

Accessory Rapid Cure Heat Bag can be used to speed up curing time.

  • Fast curing time
  • Gel time of 15-20 minutes
  • Easy 2:1 mixing by volume
  • Superior Toughened Resin Matrix
  • Crystal Clear
  • High Luster Finish
  • Thin High Flow Viscosity
  • Vacuum Socket Approved & Tested
  • Unperceivable shrinkage
  • 3 year shelf life
  • Ships non-hasmat

Sold gallon, each or kit.

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