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Exocare Step-On


The Exocare Step-On AFO offers adjustable dorsiflexion assistance, as an off the shelf orthosis. Adjustable dorsiflexion assistance allows for precise adjustments based on patient’s weight, muscle tone, active control of the dorsiflexors, and usual walking speed. The Step-On is lightweight and incorporates unilateral and bilateral spring-loaded hinges to increase range of movement

  • Available with Single or Dual hinges
  • Lightweight polypropylene construction
  • Thermoformable to shape or trimmable
  • Hinges can be disassembled for cleaning and service
  • Unilateral hinges fit easily in standard footwear
  • Neoprene sleeves protect the hinges from debris

Manufacturer Recommended HCPCS: L1971, L2820, L2220
Sold each.

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