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Dr. Comfort® Fast Freeze Cont. Spray

Dr. Comfort

When pain hits, it’s not always at the most convenient location, but now you can freeze pain from any angle with this accurate, quick drying continuous spray. While roll-on applications are good for pinpoint control of acute pain, if you want to treat a larger area, or more reoccurring pain, FastFreeze Spray is the recommend option.

  • Point and squeeze, and once the have applied the liquid medicine to your sore muscles, simply rub it in
  • Unlike pills which could take up to 30 minutes to enter your system, and only reach an estimated 5% of the inflamed area, the spray covers the area, up to 95% of it, and treats the pain fast
  • Unlike other gels, FastFreeze is not greasy, so you don’t have to worry about it staining your clothes
  • The spray offers pain relief for a variety of muscle pain and injuries including, arthritis pain, joint pain relief, muscle pain relief and more

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