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Lenjoy Comfy Goniometer Elbow-Hand Combination

Lenjoy Medical Engineering, Inc.

The two part internal frame of the Comfy Elbow/Hand Combination Orthosis allows for simultaneous extension of the elbow and hand and accounts for upper extremity flexion synergy. Our goniometer works in the same manner as serial casting by gradually adjusting the amount of extension. Simply dial to set goniometer range of flexion and extension. The supplied Allen wrench (fits neatly under cover) adjusts angle on hinge goniometer from 0° to 180° in 10° increments.

  • Hand can accommodate pronation and supination
  • Improves range of motion and positioning for functional use and prevents flexion contractures
  • Fully adjustable. Supinated hand can be rotated to accommodate to neutral
  • Ideal for the gradual extension of clenched fingers, wrist or hand and to aid with the spastic elbow
  • Useful in the treatment of deformities caused by CP, CVA, disuse atrophy or neurological disorders
  • Two separate components combine to form one splint
  • Comes standard with Full Hand attachment (FH), but is also available with Hand Roll attachment (HR) or Hand Thumb attachment (HT) depending on user need

Manufacturer Recommended HCPCS: L3760
Sold each.