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Comfort Products™ Regal™ Prosthetic Sock

Comfort Products

The tradition lives on with the special Comfort Products combination of the latest advancements in fiber technology with the finest knitting equipment available. The unique blend of Acrylic and Lycra provides a degree of stretch and conformance to the residual limb that is not possible with other fiber combinations.

  • Wicks moisture away from skin, keeping the wearer dry and comfortable
  • Fleeced interior is extremely soft and luxurious
  • Rounded toe design prevents common distal bunching
  • Easy care with the ability to machine wash and dry
  • Great stretch fits most amputees with fewer sizes than other socks
  • Approximately 60% of amputees can be fit with just two sizes!
  • Available in 2, 3, 5, 6, and 7 ply with a wide range of sizes
  • Also available with a 3S hole, either knitted or vulcanized

Sold each.