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Click Medical RevoFit Kit

Click Medical

Comes in three options: RevoFit2 Kit, RevoFit High Power Direct Kit, and the RevoFit High Power Versa.

NEW RevoFit2 Kit: (The next generation! Replaces both RevoFit Versa and Direct)
  • Smaller footprint
  • Longer lace feeder to fit larger sockets
  • For both inline and remote mounting
  • Available for both Lamination and Diagnostic (Optimize your RevoFit2 design on the Diagnostic Socket)
  • Available in 10 pack

Kit includes (RevoFit2):
  • 6ft Teflon Tubing
  • 7ft Lace
  • Lace Tool
  • RevoFit2 Lamination Dummy
  • High Power Boa Dial
  • Patient Replacement Lace Pack (Lamination kit only)

RevoFit High Power Direct Kit:
  • Capable of inline dial placement
  • Reel is usually placed on the movable panel
  • Lace exits exit the reel at 180 Degrees to each other
  • May be used for diagnostic socket fabrication

RevoFit High Power Versa Kit:
  • Allows the dial to be placed anywhere on the socket
  • Reel is usually placed on the frame
  • Lace exits exit the reel parallel to each other

Kits includes (Direct and Versa):
  • Revo Lamination Dummy
  • Boa® Bayonet
  • Boa® High Power Dial
  • Guide Tube (48")
  • HD Filament (48”each) (qty. 2)
  • Wire Feeder (qty. 2)
  • Brush
  • Super glue
  • Boa T6 Tool

Start your adjustable journey! Click below to learn about the Click Medical Can You Adjust Program. Participants can earn up to 16 CEU's.

Sold kit or 10 pack.

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