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Charleston Bending Brace®

Friddles Orthopedic

The Bending Brace was developed in 1979 by C. Ralph Hooper, Jr., CPO and an elite group of orthopedic specialists. Unlike most braces used to treat scoliosis, the Charleston Bending Brace offers a major advantage, it’s designed to be worn at night-only, for eight to ten hours while sleeping. This then allows patients to participate in normal daytime activities such as sports, dance, play, beach, water activities, etcetera.

  • Over 15 peer-reviewed-published studies validate proven efficacy
  • Increased patient compliance due to night-time-only wear
  • Major psychological benefits realized by eliminating stigma associated with day-time bracing
  • Full participation in daily activities facilitated without restriction
  • Proven equally effective as 23-hour bracing systems, especially with curves less than 35 degrees

Manufacturer Recommended HCPCS: L1300
Sold each.


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