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Cellona® Plaster of Paris Bandages

Lohmann & Rauscher

Stability and patient comfort in one: ready-to-dip Cellona Plaster of Paris Bandages are very creamy and supple when moulded. They are used to make casts for immobilization following fractures. They are also used following surgery and orthopaedic corrections treating joint and bone conditions, thus aiding the healing process.

  • 17-thread count cotton gauze fabric, porous plaster of Paris coating consisting of a- and ß-calcium sulphate hemihydrate
  • Casts safe for transport after 30 minutes and fully after 12-24 hours
  • Setting time: approx. 3-4 minutes
  • Recommended water temperature: 20 to 25°C
  • Individually sealed, 12 rolls per box

Sold box.

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