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BK Prosthetic Tube Sock

Comfort Products

The Comfort BK Prosthetic Tube Sock is a good alternative to a traditional full featured prosthetic sock, particularly when low reimbursement is an issue. These socks are made using a unique air float terry construction throughout the entire length of the Sock. This allows the socks to offer good comfort and durability. The three ply thickness also makes them an excellent choice as a filler sock.

  • All cotton construction provides maximum moisture absorption
  • Terry lined for good comfort
  • Ideal for wearing multiple layers to achieve desired thickness
  • Reversible, and can be worn with either the smooth side or the cushioned side against the skin
  • Air float terry construction allows the sock to breathe
  • An ideal companion to the Comfort sheath
  • Conveniently available in packages of six, with each sock individually wrapped

Sold each.
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