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Bird & Cronin F8®X Ankle Brace with Stays

Bird & Cronin, Inc.

Designed to provide stability, compression, and inversion/eversion control. Removable semi-rigid medial and lateral stays provide additional support. Strong ballistic-type nylon provides maximum support and durability.

  • Lacing system provides adjustable fit and ability to pin-point anterior compression
  • Durable-nylon figure-8 straps provide benefits of taping
  • Wide contact-closure top strap provides tibia/fibula compression and stability
  • Flex-mesh tongue and posterior panel for breathability and comfort
  • Support fits easily into most athletic and casual shoes
  • Left or right application reduces inventory requirements
  • Open popliteal reduces heat, moisture, and bunching

Manufacturer Recommended HCPCS: L1902
Sold each.