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Becker Stride4™

Becker Orthopedic

The Stride4 is the latest addition to the Stride Family of interchangeable stance control knee joints. It contains many additional features to enhance patient function and like the FullStride and SafetyStride, the Stride4 is a mechanical stance control orthotic knee joint that utilizes a low-profile cabling system to automatically unlock at the end of stance phase.

  • 3 operation modes: Stance control, free motion and locked with stance phase knee flexion
  • 4 bar linkage mechanism to afford stability and mimic anatomical knee motion
  • Integrated extension assist
  • Adjustable extension stop to fine tune knee stability
  • Free motion option
  • Durable, straightforward modular design
  • Cost effective
  • Interchangeable with the FullStride and SafetyStride
  • Available with aluminum, stainless steel or titanium uprights

Manufacturer Recommended HCPCS: L2005
Sold each.
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