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Anatomical Concepts V-VAS™ Knee Orthosis

Anatomical Concepts, Inc.

The V-VAS™ Orthosis is a one-of-a-kind offloading/realigning brace that helps to achieve optimal varum or valgum stress, without bulky or complex adjustments. Its unique polycentric adjustable hinge design creates an ideal bending moment that results in the precise offloading/realigning experience. It is the first long axis off-loading, closed dynamic frame custom knee orthosis that doesn't need to be removed to adjust off-loading and the mechanical axis is always non-binding and auto aligning.

  • Up to 30 degrees of Varum or Valgum Adjustable Stress
  • Long axis off-loading, closed dynamic frame
  • Up to 30 degrees of adjustment to optimize off-loading tolerance
  • Adjustments to the Femoral and/or Tibial sections while the mechanical axis stays non-binding and auto aligning
  • Creates bending moment to off load affected compartment without straps or pads
  • Simple Adjustability while on patient's extremity
  • Weight Limit 500lbs

Manufacturer Recommended HCPCS: L1846, L2755
Sold each.

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