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Anatomical Concepts KMO™ V-V Knee Orthosis

Anatomical Concepts, Inc.

KMO™V-V (Knee Management Orthosis with Varus Valgus adjustment), with it’s single posterior joint, is a cost-effective, patient friendly, and a simple approach for static progressive positioning management of the knee.

  • No need to contour uprights with Single posterior joint design
  • Patient-friendly terry cloth liner system
  • Available in Adult Standard # 960 and Pediatric Standard #860 (Adult #960S and Pediatric #860S has plastic shells for added stability of the calf and thigh)
  • Pre and post operative management of bony and soft tissue injuries
  • Adjustable range of stabilization of the knee in the sagittal from 0° to 110° (additional ROM may be attained depending on size of patients leg)
  • Adjustable range of varus or valgus stress/ accommodation of the knee in the coronal plane from 0° to 30°
  • Adjustable length from 13.5” to 17.5” Pediatric and from 18” to 26” Adult

Sold each.
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