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Anatomical Concepts EMO™ Elbow Orthosis

Anatomical Concepts, Inc.

The EMO™ Elbow Orthosis is designed by Orthotists which offers a unique, simple design with its dorsal fitting single-jointed structure creating a more low profile, non-bulky option for optimal support and increased compliance for your patients. The quality and functionality of the design includes; a NEW wrap-around closure with open cell material, static-progressive ROM positioning for 0° to 110°, adjustable fulcrum point elbow pad and system allows for total length adjustments between 10.25” to 12.25”. The EMO™ is a more cost effective alternative to custom or the more common multi-jointed options on the market today.Our elbow orthoses have different uses and Anatomical Concepts developed these unique orthoses to meet most customizable needs.

  • Low Profile for appearance
  • Simple fast fit designs
  • NEW wrap-around closure with open cell material
  • Infinite static-progressive ROM positioning from 0º to 110º
  • No medial upright impingement
  • Decreased fitting time
  • Single dorsal upright
  • Static progressive stretching
  • More cost effective when compared to custom options

Manufacturer Recommended HCPCS: L3760
Sold each.

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