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ALPS Coolmax® Sock


Shape control
Flat Bed manufacturing allows ALPS to precisely control the shape and thickness, without adjusting yarn, volume, or tension - which can create a non-uniform wear and constriction in unwanted areas.

Mat Free
Because ALPS does not remove fibers to create its soft feel, the sock does not lose volume and will not mat down over time.

Volume Management
Proprietary manufacturing methods produce a sock which minimizes stretch (up to 1/3 the stretch of competitor's socks) to ensure sock thickness is maintained for the life of the sock.

Premium Coolmax ® Fibers
The performance based moisture management system of coolmax® moves perspiration away from the body and through the fabric, where it can evaporate quickly. This allows the wearer to feel cooler and more comfortable.

ALPS offers a 30day satisfaction guarantee. Socks are guaranteed free from manufacturing defects.

Sold each.
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