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AliMed® Dorsal Resting Splint

AliMed® Dorsal Resting Splint This prefabricated, padded, Dorsal Resting Splint eliminates the two main problems with traditional volar splints: the pressure from the splint surface can increase tone in the wrist and finger flexors and the splints can trap heat and perspiration. These problems often result in poor patient compliance. This dorsal splint allows for maximum range of motion without triggering flexor spasticity, because the contact is on the dorsal surface of the palm and wrist. And because the volar surface is open to air, the hand stays cooler and drier, enhancing compliance. This splint's unique design allows the wearer to easily put on and remove the splint with less painful prying of fingers. Simply slip the fingers through the opening and gently lift the wrist into extension. Secure the three straps and the splint is in place! The integrated thumb piece allows the thumb to rest naturally in slight flexion and opposition without any risk of skin breakdown. Stop wasting time and money fabricating custom splints. This splint can be adjusted in just minutes – just bend the splint's malleable aluminum core to fit almost anyone. Allows infinite adjustments at all joints. No heat required! Black padded terry liner can be hand washed and air dried. One size fits most.
Sold each.