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AliMed® Viscoelastic Varus/Valgus Wedges


AliMed® Viscoelastic Varus/Valgus Wedges Shock forces are a product of mass (weight) and velocity (speed). If you can slow rebound velocity and alter its direction you can dampen and dissipate shock forces. Computer-generated, bio-mechanically engineered visco-flow control dampens and reduces rebound velocity of heel strike shock waves and redirects them form a vertical to a horizontal position. Combine these premium Varus/Valgus wedges with our Heel Cups (#6425) for a posted shock absorber.

Small fits Men's 5 to 6, Women's 4-1/2 to 8
Medium fits Men's 6-1/2 to 8-1/2, Women's 9 to 12
Large fits Men's 9 to 14

Manufacturer Recommended HCPCS: L3350
Sold pair.