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AliMed® Orthoplast Splinting Material


Orthoplast II thermoplastic for general splinting needs: Ideal for contractures, neurological conditions, pediatrics and burns. Good for fracture bracing and lower extremity orthosis. Allows five to eight minutes of working time in 160° F (71° C) water. Can be heated in an air oven at low temperature for orthotic bracing.

  • Maximum resistance to stretch. Orthoplast can be stretched and pulled around curves without thinning
  • Minimum drape with moderate memory. Orthoplast retains its molded shape upon reheating
  • Maximum rigidity so splints will hold their shape against the pull of strong muscles or hypertonicity
  • Bonding is traditional coating with minimal tacky feel that will not adhere to bandages. A wet bond will hold but can be pulled apart once cooled. For a permanent bond use a solvent, dry heat and press together firmly
  • Orthoplast surface finish resists fingerprints

Sold case.