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AliMed® FREEDOM® Trilaminate Diabetic Insoles


These foot beds are a new step in heat moldable footcare, providing a total contact, multiple density, prefabricated, removable inlay that can be heated and directly molded to the patient’s foot. Trilaminate Diabetic Insoles offer complete contact with the plantar surface, including the arch, and are suited to help prevent and control problems in the vascularly insensitive and/or hypersensitive foot.

  • Trilaminate Insoles have a full 1/8" top layer of fine-celled ProCell™ EVA that molds to the foot with heat and pressure
  • A 1/16" mid-layer of supportive PORON® Cushioning — the material of choice for shock absorption and resiliency — helps assure that these insoles won’t “bottom out” with use
  • Firm base of ProCell EVA provides optimum support without extreme rigidity, insuring shape retention for the entire insole

Diabetic Insole Molding: Insoles mold best with convection heat at 250-275° F for approximately two to three minutes. Insoles retain their molded shape to contact with the plantar surface of the foot. The healthcare professional molding the insoles should take care that during the molding the foot position is subtalar neutral to avoid building a deformity into the insole.

Trilaminate Diabetic Insole Sizing - based on shoe sizes:
X-Small: Women's 5-7
Small: Women's 8-9, Men's 6-8
Medium: Women's 10-11, Men's 8-9
Large: Men's 10-11
X-Large: Men's 12-13
2X-Large: Men's 14 -15

Manufacturer Recommended HCPCS: K0628, A5510
Sold pair.