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AliMed® Constructa™ Foam and Super Constructa Foam Sheets


Constructa™ Foam and Super Constructa™ Foam let you custom fabricate wheelchair and bed support systems. Create trunk and head supports, body positioners, abduction wedges, as well as leg and arm troughs using these lightweight closed-cell foam materials.

Constructa Foam is a white, textured, durable closed-cell material available in planks and cylinders. Plank surface is somewhat abrasive, cylinder surface is smooth. Planks available in Firm and Medium grades. Firm is stiff but not board-like. Medium is fairly non-compressible but springy--the best choice for general purpose use. To cut Constructa Foam, use a sharp knife or saw (manual or power). A filet or boning knife maybe useful for cutting contoured areas.

Super Constructa Foam Smooth, blue material available in sheets only. Less stiff than Constructa Foam with a velvety, close-celled surface. Stands up to repeated use.

Constructa Foam bonds after application of direct heat. Use a heat gun to thoroughly warm both surfaces. Hold the gun 4" to 6" away from the material and pass the heat back and forth until the surfaces appear glassy. Heat one minute longer, then press the surfaces together. If either surface is allowed to cool before bonding is complete, the bond will be weak.

Both foams can be bonded with 3M Spray 90 Adhesive. Adhesives are more effective on larger surfaces. Follow the adhesive manufacturer's directions. Apply weight and cure for 24 hours before use to ensure total contact.

Pressure-sensitive paddings bond easily to these materials. To strengthen bond, warm adhesive backing with a heat gun before applying to the surface. In this case, only the adhesive surface should be warmed. Any of the self-adhesive materials in this section of the catalog can be used. Molestick™, Soft Sponge™ and Plastazote® are often used for wheelchair adaptations. They will provide extra protection for fragile skin.

Specifications: (Medium)
  • Density: 2 lbs/cu.ft.
  • Compressive strength, 25% def: 10 psi.
  • Compressive strength, 75% def: 50 psi.

Specifications: (Firm)
  • Density: 6 lbs/cu.ft.
  • Compressive strength, 25% def: 20 psi.
  • Compressive strength, 75% def: 80 psi.

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