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Acor® Blue Microcel Puff® + Black FM™ + Blue Microcel Puff®


Material Laminates offer some distinct advantages over single layer materials. A characteristic, which is poor in one material, may be offset by the same characteristic which is strong in another material. Laminating two such materials together, or otherwise using them in conjunction, produces a better functioning material. Materials used in this manner possess all of the good qualities and reduce the weaker qualities of its' components.

  • Child's Night Splint helps prevent heel cord and Achilles tendon shortening while sleeping
  • Acor produces dual and multi-layer laminated materials
  • 1/8" Blue Microcel Puff + 1/8" Black FM + 1/8" Blue Puff
  • Dimensions: 37" x 20"

Sold each.
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