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Ability Dynamics RUSH Foot® EVAQ8

Ability Dynamics

The RUSH Foot® EVAQ8 is NOW available in RUSH Foot® HiPro, ROGUE models, and LoPro model. This foot features an integrated design that stabilizes volume, increases linkage, and heightens proprioception through elevated vacuum suspension.

  • No batteries or mechanical pump required
  • All-terrain
  • Fully submersible in fresh or salt water

  • Weight limit: 360lbs (150kg) (HiPro, ROGUE)
  • Weight limit: 300lbs (136kg) (LoPro)
  • Size Range: 22cm - 29cm
  • Foot shell: Light or Dark
  • Foot weight: 770g (HiPro), 649g (LoPro), and 875g (ROGUE)
  • 36 month warranty

All orders must be accompanied by a completed order form. Please see link below.

All items shipped 2nd Day Air, and 3rd Day Air, and Ground will be a flat rate of $8. All items shipped any other method are subject to full published rates.

Sold each.
Manufacturer Suggested HCPCS: L5981 (HiPro and LoPro), and L5987, L5984 (Rogue)


Complete the order form below. Then the item(s) will appear at the bottom of the screen and you will be able to add them to the shopping cart. The information you enter in the form will be submitted automatically to Cascade so you do not need to fill in a separate order form.

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