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APEX’s A-Way insoles assist with pain relief, comfort and enhanced stability in three durometers – Flex, Firm and XFirm. Made with memory foam, thermo-plastic resins and supportive gels, the orthotics ensure increased control and shock absorption.

  • Shock Absorption & Reduction
  • Helps Prevent Calluses
  • Lateral Knee Pain Relief
  • Three levels of support

Flex - Flex A-Wave delivers medium to high, flexible arch support to help with motion control and shock absorption.
  • Medium to high arch support
  • Helps with motion control and shock absorption

Firm - Firm A-Wave provides firm cushioning support and stability for low, medium & high arch types. This insole is suitable for all arch types.
  • Low, medium, and high arch support
  • Firm cushioning support & stability

X-Firm - X-Firm A-Wave distributes more aggressive support for low to medium arches to add balance and cushion to alleviate pressure from heel and forefoot and align joints and spine.
  • Low to medium arch support
  • Alleviate pressure from heel and forefoot
  • Helps align joints and spine

Sold pair.
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